About the Author

Shayne Randall is an athlete and entrepreneur who began his writing career in 1956 at age fourteen interviewing the likes of boxer George Chuvalo , pitcher Lynn Covenguth, and CFLer Sam,“The Rifle” Etchevery for his school paper, De Le Salle’s ‘The Oak Leaves’. Under the tutelege of Canadian poet Nathaniel Benson he was editor of the Winston Churchill C.I. yearbook in both 1959 and 1960. As the 1960’s began so did a foray into the business world, owning and operating several successful companies over the next 50 years, putting his writing career on the back-burner. In the early 1980’s he returned to sports journalism, writing columns for the Peterborough Common Press and op-ed pieces in the Peterborough Examiner. In 1983 he published “The Windmill Pitch” written by Clair Leahy and in 2013 co-wrote “So You Want To Own A Subway Franchise?”, a cautionary tale about the QSR industry. Shayne Randall has seven children and he and his wife Beverly reside in Peterborough,Ontario. He is the oldest of Ken Randall’s fourteen grandchildren.